LG FH2 X Boom Portable Speaker

LG FH2 X Boom Portable Speaker

1.Trolly Bag- Due to the trolley it is easy to carry it with you. Because of the trolley it is not necessary to take the lift again and just open the trolley and easily take from one side to another.

2.Big Battery Life- Its most important is its rechargeable butter. The company boasts of battery life for up to 15 hours, which is a very good thing. Due to rechargeable batteries, it can also run outside the home without electricity, which is very special.

3.Karaoke Star- With the help of karaoke, you can convert any song to karaoke and you can sing on the melody of that song. This lg xboom also has the facility of mic which makes your party even more fun.

4.Bluetooth Connectivity- Bluetooth facility facilitates listening to songs and easy to connect.

5.Multi BluetoothUpto three different people can connect via bluetooth and without interrupting the party. Pick any available song and just play.

6.USB Play- Enjoy music and playlists straight from a USB storage device.

7.Use as a Powerbank- Easily Connect your phone with USB and charge your phone.

8.LG FH2 Watts- LG FH2 come with 50watts Speaker.

9.FM- FM Play very easily and with best sound.FM antena available in back side.

LG FH2 X Boom Features Details:

  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Battery (up-to 15 hours) ; Battery Capacity: 12V/7Ah and Type: LED Display
  • Karaoke Star - Almost any track can become a Karaoke track by simply removing the vocals at the push of a button. Change the song's key to match your own.
  • Multi Bluetooth - Up to three different people can connect via Bluetooth and play music without ever interrupting the party. USB, FM, Portable In
  • Power Bank - Charge phones conveniently via USB port ; Wide: 110/220V ; Power Consumption: 36W ; Power off consumption: 0.5W and Impedance: 4ohm
  • Wheeled Speaker with Telescoping Handle.
  • FM-Easy to use
  • Use as a Power bank- Very helpful
  • LG FH2 Watts- Front Speaker 50w


EQStandard, Pop, Classic, Rock, Jazz, Natural, Auto, Bass Blass

Front Speaker Output Power50W
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