Are pickles good for you? benefits and side effects of eating pickle

Are pickles good for you? benefits and side effects of eating pickle

Pickles are consumed with food not only in India but around the world. If we talk about India, then it is an important part of food. In India, pickles are made by mixing oils and spices in various types of fruits and vegetables. In China, Japan, Korea, pickles are made by mixing spices and soy sauce in eggs with vegetables. Whereas in Western countries, vegetables and fruits are made by dipping in vinegar and pickles are made. That is, it is consumed with food around the world. Consumption of spices and oily pickles along with fruits and vegetables has many health benefits, but the harm from it cannot be ignored.

Health benefits of eating pickles

Are pickles good for you


Eating pickles improves digestion . Actually, there are both good and bad germs in the stomach, when you take any type of antibiotic medicine, the good germs disappear. This affects digestion and food is not easily digested. Whereas pickles contain salt which helps in the development of probiotics. This improves digestion.


Fruits and vegetables are used to make pickles, for which vegetables and fruits are used without cooking. As a result, the anti-oxidants present in vegetables and fruits are not eliminated. These anti-oxidants reach the body through pickles and protect the body from free radicals ie free radicals. Which causes various types of diseases.

Are pickles good for you


Pickle is beneficial for stomach as well as brain . The probiotics found in pickles are also beneficial for bacteria. It has been proved in some researches that there is a deep connection between the central nervous system and the brain, if the stomach is right then the brain also works properly.

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Children like pickle and sour taste very much. Pickles are very beneficial for the health of children, if children ask to eat pickles, never refuse them. Pickle is beneficial for the whole body of children, it strengthens the immune system of children and prevents diseases. Children do not get cold and flu by eating pickles. It is also beneficial for pregnant women.
Are pickles good for you


Pickles made from amla are beneficial for liver, liver is strong due to the properties found in amla. Amla protects against diseases like ulcers. Also, it improves digestion. Therefore, it is beneficial to take Amla pickle.


Pickle is beneficial as well as harmful. The amount of salt in the pickle is quite high. Due to which it also affects the health. The ethos found in the market is more harmful because they also contain chemical along with sodium. Overeating sodium benzoate found in it can lead to cancer.

Are pickles good for you


More oil and spices are used when making pickles. Due to excessive use of oil, the amount of cholesterol in the body increases, due to which weight gain can occur. Due to this, heart diseases can also occur.


Excessive consumption of pickles can also be dangerous and fatal diseases like cancer. A study has revealed that people who use more of the practice have more problems of gastric cancer. Apart from this, there are also complaints of sore throat and pain due to its consumption. It can also cause esophageal cancer.

Pickle Nutrition

  • Calories: 17
  • Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 3.7g
  • Sugars: 1.9g
  • Fiber: 1.6g
  • Sodium: 1,251g
  • Cholesterol: 0g
  • Protein: 0.9g
  • Potassium: 4% DV
  • Calcium: 6% DV
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Are pickles good for you

Side Effects of pickle

Almost all types of pickles contain high amounts of salt. Salt is an essential component of pickle. This not only enhances the taste but it also helps in securing pickles and acts as a microbial antagonist like unwanted bacteria, yeast and fungi.But excessive consumption of salt through pickles can cause health problems. Excess salt intake can cause high blood pressure problems which can lead to problems like stroke and heart attack. (Read more - Symptoms of stroke)
Apart from circumcision of high blood pressure, Indian pickles contain high amount of oil which increases the risk of developing fat and cholesterol in our body. Hence reduce the regular intake of pickles.

Homemade pickles are better in quality as salt is used to keep them safe while chemical pickles like sodium benzoate are used to protect pickles sold in the market which are very harmful to us. Sodium benzoate causes problems like Caesar. It weakens the immune system against cancer by removing oxygen from the cells. A study conducted in southern India has observed that consuming vegetable pickles increases the risk of developing gastric cancer. Studies also showed that pickle intake doubles the chances of developing anophageal cancer. Although the study did not provide conclusive results, the reasons for the risk cannot be ignored.

Excessive consumption of pickle causes digestive problems. The University of Arizona has prohibited the use of pickles in food to prevent diarrhea. In addition to diarrhea, you may experience stomach discomfort or pain or flatulence due to gas in the stomach after consuming too many pickles (read more - home remedy for diarrhea)

Eating pickles can cause bloating and water retention. Pickles contain high amounts of sodium. By keeping the sodium in our body balanced, the blood plasma and fluids reduce the release of sodium. When the amount of sodium in them is also high, the amount of water in the body increases to keep the sodium in the body balanced. As a result you especially experience swelling in your extremities that can cause some discomfort. If you experience severe inflammation, consult a medical practitioner to learn about the potential benefits of diuretics to reduce your discomfort. .

Consuming excessive amounts of pickles can cause kidney problems. The kidney acts as a filter by which it carries the nutrients of the body to the blood and carries out the dirt through urine. If you consume too much salt, the kidneys have to remove excess salt from your body to maintain normal blood volume and pressure. If you are suffering from kidney problem then talk to your doctor before consuming pickle.

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