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How Do You Know If A Brain Tumor Has Started


  • Brain tumor is a dangerous disease.
  • Avoidance is possible if it is detected at the right time.
  • It can be fatal if treatment is delayed.

Brain Tumor: Symptoms and Signs

If You Have A Headache On The Next Day, Which Is Cured By Taking The Medicine But Then It Emerges, Then Be Careful, Because These Symptoms Can Also Be Of The Earliest Stage Of Brain Tumor. Brain Tumor Is A Dangerous Disease. If The Disease Is Detected At The Right Time, Then It Is Possible To Prevent It. It Can Be Fatal If Treatment Is Delayed And It Can Also Cause Mental Insanity. In The Case Of A Brain Tumor, Many Cells Or One Cell In The Brain Continues To Grow Abnormally Due To Which Other Cells Are Damaged. Sometimes The Brain Tumor Can Also Be Genetic And Sometimes It Is Due To Excessive Radiation Or Exposure To Chemical. Brain Tumors Can Be Identified By Its Initial Symptoms, So You Should Also Know These Symptoms.

What Is Brain Tumor

Brain cancer is an overgrowth of cells in your brain that forms masses called tumors. Cancerous, or malignant, brain tumors tend to grow very quickly. They disrupt the way your body works, and this can be life-threatening

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10 Common Symptoms And Signs That Indicate Brain Tumor Has Started


Headache is the first and common symptom of a brain tumor. In the case of a brain tumor, the first onset pain is mostly in the morning and later it becomes frequent. This pain is so severe at times that a person can also lose his mental balance. If you continue to have a headache, then visit a doctor and get it checked immediately.Its a Most Common Symptoms and Sign Of Brain Tumor.

2.Vomiting and Nausea

Another symptom of a brain tumor is that vomiting begins with a headache. Sometimes there is nausea throughout the day due to headache and does not feel like eating or drinking anything. Like headaches, these symptoms also first appear in the morning and later its intensity increases.

3.Body Balance

Brain tumors are often dizzy and sometimes you get dizzy. Actually, if the tumor is in the cerebellum, it affects the physiological balance, due to this, many times the balance of the body deteriorates and the person collapses.

4.Have a Stroke

In the case of a brain tumor, when the affected cells start laying or spreading their nets inside the brain, it affects the surrounding cells, which often causes the patient to have recurrent seizures.

5.Feeling Like Paralysis

In the case of brain tumor, many times the control of the brain is removed from the body parts of a person, then he does not feel the sensation of that particular organ. In such a situation, the patient feels like paralysis. In such a situation, the arms and legs stop working. This condition occurs when there is a tumor on the parietal lobe of a person's brain.Its Also Most Common Symptoms And Signs.

6.Trouble Speaking

In the brain, there are cells connecting every organ of the body, so any cells that pass around the tumor are affected. Similarly, when these cells enter the temporal lobe, the person starts having trouble speaking. In such a situation, with the loss of voice, the person's mouth starts to flutter to one side.

7.Irritability and Temperament

Brain tumors not only affect the function and mental function of our body parts, but also affect our nature. If this tumor reaches the frontal lobe, then the behavior of the person changes. He is unable to control his behavior and irritability or sadness surrounds him.

8.Having a Hearing Problem

When the brain tumor reaches into the temporal lobe of the person, it affects not only the ability to speak, but also causes the person to hear. Many times it feels as if the ear veil has been torn.

9.Spasms in Extremities

When the penetration of tumor cells occurs in the parietal lobe, a situation occurs in which the hands and legs of the person suddenly start to spasm. He begins to feel as if all his body parts are inactive. This is the stage before paralysis.

10.Feeling of Weakness

Initial symptoms of a brain tumor include a feeling of weakness along with a headache. Actually, when the tumor starts to form in the brain, the surrounding cells slowly start to get affected, due to which the person feels a headache and after that the whole body starts feeling weak.

Types Of Brain Tumors

1- The primary brain tumor grows only in the same part of the brain in which it begins. 
2- Secondary brain tumor starts in one part of the brain, but later it spreads to other parts of the body like- lungs, breast, kidney, skin etc. 

If you are concerned about any changes you experience, please talk with your doctor. Your doctor will ask how long and how often you’ve been experiencing the symptom(s), in addition to other questions. This is to help figure out the cause of the problem, called a diagnosis.This is to assist puzzle out the explanation for the matter, referred to as a diagnosing.If a brain tumor is diagnosed, relieving symptoms remains a crucial a part of your care and treatment.This may be referred to as palliative care or corroboratory care.It is typically started before long when diagnosing and continued throughout treatment.Be sure to speak together with your health care team regarding the symptoms you expertise, as well as any new symptoms or a modification in symptoms.
Risk factors
In the majority with primary brain tumors, the reason behind the neoplasm isn't clear.But doctors have known some factors which will increase your risk of a tumor.
Risk factors include:
Exposure to radiation.
People who are exposed to a kind of radiation known as radiation have associate hyperbolic risk of tumor.Examples of radiation embrace radiotherapy wont to treat cancer and radiation exposure caused by atomic bombs.
Family history of brain tumors.
A small portion of brain tumors happens in individuals with a case history of brain tumors or a case history of genetic syndromes that increase the chance of brain tumors.
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