Sailing In Kerala With a Houseboat

What is Houseboat?

The houseboats here distinguish it from other tourist places. Millions of tourists visit this place to enjoy the houseboat and spend their time and enjoy the peace and beauty of the waterfowl. There are also facilities to roam the houseboat throughout the day or overnight, which travelers can choose according to their budget.

Today houseboat is trending all over the world and it has been going on for a long time now. A houseboat is a boat that is built in such a way that all kinds of facilities are available. Operations - drinking, sleeping, bathroom arrangements, etc. are all complete.

These houseboats are luxury boats made of wooden rails and equipped with all modern amenities like air conditioner, one to three bed rooms, toilets, kitchen, balcony, and entertainment options. These houseboats are perfect for corporate meetings, holidays and honeymoon as the journey of the houseboat is recognized as the most unique journey.

The houseboat is like a house built over water. Earlier houseboats were mostly used for moving or transporting them, but nowadays houseboat has become very popular because of its water. If it is in the form of a house located above, then people enjoy taking this joy and they get all this facility. Houseboat facility is available as per different fares. Today, the use of houseboat is in the habit of missing, for fun, for picnic, for honeymoon.

Sailing In Kerala With a Houseboat

Have you ever enjoyed a trip to the Houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala? If not, enjoy it once. It is the most memorable and unique experience offered by our state.

Sailing In Kerala With a Houseboat

Today's houseboats are large, slow-moving special boats that enjoy traveling, which is actually a new form of old-time kettuvallam. The real kettuvallam was used to carry tons of rice and spices. A standard Kettuvallam can carry 30 tonnes of goods from Kuttanad to Kochi Port.

In Malayalam language, Kettu means 'floating structure' and 'Vallam' means boat. This boat has a wooden roof. This boat is made of wooden bundles of panas which are attached to coir. It is then applied with a hardened black resin coating made from boiled cashew pulp. Kettuvallam is used for many generations after careful maintenance.

A portion of Kettuvallam is covered with bamboo and coir which consists of a rest house and a kitchen. Food is made in this and fresh fish are caught from the backwaters and cooked.

When modern trucks replaced this mode of transport, people found a new way to keep these boats older than 100 years on the market. By creating special rooms for the passengers, a new way of using these boats was found which has become very popular.

Today, these boats have become an integral part of the backwaters and Alappuzha itself has more than 500 houseboats.

While converting Kettuvallam into a houseboat, full care is taken that only natural items are used. Bamboo mats, wood and betel nut are used for roofing, coir mats and wooden planks for flooring and coconut tree wood and coir for bedding. Nowadays solar panels are preferred for lighting.

Today, these houseboats provide the same comfort that you would find in a good hotel, with nice bedrooms, modern toilets, beautiful living rooms, kitchens and balconies to see. The wooden or palm bend roofs are open to the outside, providing shade and you can see the outside without any obstruction. While most boats have local sailors, some boats have a 40 hp engine. Boat trains are built by connecting two or more housebods for a group of sighted people.

The truly special thing about traveling in a houseboat is that you can relax in the boat and see the finest views of untouched and inaccessible rural Kerala.

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