Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur Under Rs.299

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur Under Rs.299

When we feel hungry, at that time it does not matter what we are hungry for, at that time something good will also be seen. Everyone likes unlimited food and unlimited pizza enjoys it too much, it is not because we are too hungry and we can eat a lot, because we have to eat different types of food in one place Get to Is found. But unlimited food is very expensive anywhere, which can also affect our pocket.

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur

Nowadays there is an increased trend of eating unlimited food and unlimited pizza, be it with birthday party, family or any other party, festival. People prefer to go to such a place where they can get different food for less price.
Today we are going to tell you such places in Udaipur where you have unlimited food and unlimited pizza available at a low price.

Unlimited Pizza's in Udaipur

Pizza Burst

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur
                                Source: Justdial
(3.8 Rating 2,412 Google reviews)

If you are a pizza lover and are very fond of eating pizza, then this place is perfect for you. Because here you will get to eat a lot in very low price.
In Pizza Burst you get 2 different soups, 8 types of hot starter (Italian / Mexican / Thai / Back dish).And, 20 kinds of flavored starter, cheese garlic bread, 3 different pizzas, 1 glass cold drink (single serve), final brownie (single serve). Everything is available unlimited except for a single serve, you can sit in this place till your stomach is full. Apart from Unlimited Pizza, some special pizzas are also served like Con Pizza, Lover Pizza, Jwalamukhi Pizza etc.

Price: 175 /- (Tax Extra) for 11 am to 3 pm

199/-(Tax Extra) for 3 pm to 11 pm

Address: Opp. BN Girls College, Sevashram Road Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Pizza Empire

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur
                                   Source: Justdial
(3.9 Rating 498 Google reviews)

If you want to sit down in a quiet place and enjoy the convenience of eating pizza, then this place is very good for you. In Pizza Empire you will also get pizza soups in different varieties. Their test is also excellent, you will not be tired eating their pizza. Here you will find 2 types of soups, garlic bread, 3 types of pizzas, 12 types of salads, soft drinks (single serve), final brownie (single serve). You cannot easily forget the taste here. There are 2 branches of Pizza empire in Udaipur, you will get the address of both.

Price: 180/- for lunch and 200/- for dinner

Address 1: Departmental Store, Riddhi Siddhi Park,New Navratan Complex 1st Floor, Mewar Hospital Road, Udaipur HO, Opposite Everest Ashiyana

Address 2: Old City, Brahmpuri, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Kaju's Pizza

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur                                  Source: Magicpin
(3.9 Rating 1,141 Google reviews)

Kaju's pizza is most liked in Udaipur, where young people group can be seen all the time. The whole of  Udaipur is the most famous, here everyone feels like familiarity and the seating area is also good as well as the staff is very good with which it is popular. Unlimited here includes starter, garlic bread, three types of pizza, cold drink (single serve), brownie (single serve). Apart from all these, they should also try their favorite pizza.It's have Total 3 Branches The major branch is University road other to Sardarpura and Hiranmagri. Hiranmagri branch of Kaju's Pizza is now closed, its new branch has started near the Celebration Mall.

Price: 167/- (Tax Extra) for 11.30 am to 4 pm

188/- (Tax Extra) 5 pm To 10 pm

Address: 356, First Floor, Surya Plaza, University Road, Ganesh Nagar Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Unlimited Food in Udaipur

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur

After Unlimited Pizza, we talk about Unlimited Food, which is still in vogue today. You can go with your family, friends, birthday party, any time. After Unlimited Pizza, we are telling you about Unlimited Food which is available in taste as well as low price.

Let's see the Restaurants and Hotels of Unlimited Food-

Natraj Dining Hall And Restaurant

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur
                             Source: Tripadvisor

(4.3 Rating 7,214 Google reviews)

Natraj Restaurant Udaipur serve the pure vegetarian Rajasthani Thali and Gujarati Thali in Udaipur lake city. Experience mouthwatering and palatable dishes of Rajasthan by dining in the best restaurant in Udaipur - Natraj Restaurant.Natraj Restaurant is one of the most famous pure vegetarian of Udaipur. Unlimited thali is also available here which includes different types of vegetables, sweets, puri, chutney, papad, salad, and much more. Natraj Restaurant is located on two floors, on the first floor you get unlimited food and on the second floor you get the facility to order food according to your selection. The entire two branches are available in Udaipur of Natraj and unlimited  food arrangements are available in both the restaurants. You will definitely never get disappointed once you experience the food in Natraj.

Price: 240/-

Address: City Station Rd, Near Railway Station Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Padam Thal

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur
                              Source: Tripadvisor                       

(3.9 Rating 856 Google reviews)

If you do not want to go to Natraj Restaurant or are bored to go there, then you must also experience Padam Thal. Padam Thal is also very famous for Thali in Udaipur. Padam Thal offers you different Thali's. Padam Thal has different special Thali's available for launch and dinner. There are 3 Thali's available in Padam Thal, in which regular plate will have to spend Rs 200, 16 types of items are available in it, premium plate of Rs 500 is available and then the most expensive plate of Padam Thal is Rs 5000, in which you have 56 items available. 56 is also called bhog. This thali is specially meant for a whole family to eat.

Price: 200/-

Address: Shanti Nagar, Sector 3, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Bawarchi Restaurant

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur
                             Source: Taste of City

(4.0 Rating 2,461 Google reviews)

The Bawarchi restaurant is known for its famous thali along with spicy food. If you are very fond of spicy food, then this restaurant is very special for you. The Thali here is very special, in this Thali it provides different types of variety which is, vegetable, starter, chapati, sweets, etc. are available. People coming from outside also like to visit this restaurant more. This restaurant is pure vegetarian.

Price: 160/-

Address: 6, Naya pura, delhigate, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Punjabi Tadka

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur
                                  Source: Justdial

(3.8 Rating 231 Google reviews)

If you are bored with your home food or even bored with junk food or eating outside food that you did not enjoy, then you must visit Punjabi Tadka. Punjabi Tadka is such a place from where you will be satisfied, and will go by making your belly full. As the name of this restaurant itself, Punjabi Tadka, this restaurant offers you a special Punjabi buffet. Which is very tasty, you must go here and enjoy yourself once more. It is a fully fledgling restaurant.

Price: 175/-

Address: 4, 100 Ft Rd, Near Shubh Kesar Garden & Manglam Palace, Shobhagpura Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Garden Hotel

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur
                             Source: Tripadvisor

(4.0 Rating 985 Google reviews)

The famous Thali of Garden Hotel Restaurant is Jain Thali. Jain thali means that you will not get onion, garlic, or potatoes in it, you will get Jain thali at all. But in this thali, you will find a thali adorned with salad, different types of vegetables, dal baati, sweets, and rice. In this hotel restaurant you will also find an old car museum. If you want to go somewhere after eating food, then you can also choose this place.

Price: 250/-

Address: Gulabbagh Road | Garden Hotel, Opposite Sajjan Niwas Garden Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Chappan Bhog

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur
                                             Source: Justdial

(3.5 Rating 1,591 Google reviews)

You all know what Chappan Bhog is, definitely visit this restaurant. As its name suggests, it is the 56 bhog which increases our hunger in the name itself. There are three types of Thali available in this restaurant, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Gujarati.

Price: 175/-

Address: 14-A, Big Bazaar Road,Near Saheliyon ki Bari , Fatehpura Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Krishna Dal Bati Restro

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur
                                            Source: Tripadvisor
(4.2 Rating 1,577 Google reviews)

While we are talking about unlimited food, how can we not talk about dal-baati in Udaipur Rajasthan. Daal-baati is the pride of rage. Although there is a practice of dal baati in every city, but the matter of Rajasthan is different. You are fond of dal-baati and if you want to eat a good dal-baati in Udaipur, then Krishna dal baati must be present. In Krishna dal-baati, you will get a thali which is only and only for dal-baati, in this you will have dal-baati, buttermilk, salad, chutney, churma etc. Whenever you feel like eating dal baati, then definitely eat this dal baati.

Price: 250/-

Address: 17, 1st Floor, Jal Darshan Market, Hotel Green View Street, Gulab Bagh Road, Brahmpuri Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Meera Restaurant

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur
                                                   Source: Justdial
(4.0 Rating 542 Google reviews)

Meera Restaurant is also one of the very old and famous restaurants of Udaipur which offers good facilities at low prices. This restaurant offers you unlimited food for a price that too with good taste. In this unlimited plate, you give dal, curry, potato-cumin, mixed veg, curd, papad, boondi raita. Apart from this, there is another plate which is a Punjabi plate, in this you have porcupine cheese, salad, 5 rotis, curd, papad etc.

Price: Rs. 120 (Regular) and Rs 150 (Punjabi Thali)

Address: Nehru Bazar Road, Delhi Gate, Udaipur

Khalsa Pure Veg

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur

                                                Source: Tripadvisor

(3.9 Rating 458 Google reviews)

There is talk of better taste in lower price, so Khalsa restaurant is also second to none. There is also a lot of fame in Khalsa Udaipur. Here the menu changes every day. Different platters are available every day with different menus.

Price: 130/-

Address: 837, University Rd, North Ayad, Ayad, Ganapati Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Nandan Hotel & Restaurant

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur
                                                Source: Tripadvisor
(4.8 Rating 11 Google reviews)

Nandan Restaurant is very popular for its dal-baati and traditional food and for Rajasthani food. Daal baati is also very famous here. Here is the special dal baati thali which is worth 200 rupees, in which you will get dal baati, churma, gatta vegetable, curry, buttermilk, sweets, papad. If you want to eat simple dal baati then you will get it for Rs. 160, in which you get dal baati, churma, vegetable, curry, salad.

Price: 200/-

Address: Opp. Police Control Room 66, Nayapura, Inside Delhi Gate, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Gordhan Thal

Unlimited Pizza And Food in Udaipur
                                                                      Source: Swiggy

(4.0 Rating 1,234 Google reviews)

Gordhan Thal is also one of the renowned restaurants of Udaipur. You can also enjoy different thali here. Daal baati is also very famous here.

Price: 270/-

Address: 32, Shopping Center, City Station Road, Udaipole, Udaipur

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