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What is Cancer? What Causes Cancer?

What is Cancer? What Causes Cancer?

Hello friends , welcome to InformationTalks in today's post, we are going to tell you How Does Cancer Happen. Do you also have cancer and if you want to avoid it, then you are reading the right post. Along with this, you will also know that What Causes Cancer.

What Causes Cancer We will explain it to you in very simple language.Hope you like all ourposts. Similarly, you continued to like every post on our blog. Due to change in modern life, many types of diseases have taken place. Some diseases are such that they are cured quickly and many diseases take time to be cured. Cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases in it. But if it is treated on time, then it can also be cured.

Nowadays, cancer disease is spreading very fast, many people are falling victim to this disease. If you recognize the symptoms of its onset then it can be stopped. Recognizing the symptoms of any disease also helps in its treatment. So if you are also seeing its symptoms then start treating it on time.

So let's know what is Symptoms Of Cancer if you also have cancer then this post What Is Cancer? If you read it from beginning to end, then you will get complete information about it and you can get away from cancer by treating it on time.

What Is Cancer?

Cancer is a very dangerous disease, there are very few people who can survive this disease. Cancer causes the cells of any part of the body to divide uncontrollably. If it is in any one part of the body, then it spreads through that part to all parts of the body. When there is cancer in any part of the body, it is called a primary tumor and after which the tumor which occurs in other parts of the body is called metastatic or secondary tumor.

Stages Of Cancer-

There are mainly 4 stages of cancer, about which you will learn further. Know about its main stages.
  • In the first and second stages of cancer, the tumor of the cancer is small and does not spread to the depths of the surrounding tissue.
  • Cancer develops in the third stage. In this stage, the tumor grows. And the possibility of its spread to other parts of the body also increases.
  • The fourth stage is the last stage of cancer. In this, cancer spreads from its initial part to the other parts of the body from where it is starting. Which is called metastatic cancer.

How Does Cancer Happen-

Cambridge University scientist Timothy Will says that when the division of cells becomes uncontrollable, then cancer is the control of our genes on the division of cells of the body. The body is made up of different cells, these cells change as the body changes.When these cells grow uncontrollably and spread throughout the body, then it gives trouble to other parts of the body to work. Because of which a knot or tumor of cells is formed on those parts which is called Cancer and this tumor is the most fatal which grows.

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Types Of Cancer-

Cancer is more than 100. But there are some cancers which are mainly seen in humans. Which we are telling you further. So know about Types Of Cancer.

Uterine Cancer

There is a risk of uterine cancer after the age of 40, if you get married at a young age, have more childbirth, disease during pregnancy, any wound in the uterus during childbirth and get pregnant before it is corrected. The symptoms are bleeding after menopause, pain in the feet.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer occurs due to excessive delivery and not breast feeding the baby. The hormones emitted from ovarian (ovary) also cause breast cancer.

Oral Cancer

Consumption of tobacco is the main cause of oral and throat cancer. Any lump in the mouth, white spots in the mouth, lesion or bile formation, difficulty in opening and speaking and swallowing the mouth is the cause of oral cancer.

Blood Cancer

Due to X-ray and radiation system, if rays enter inside the body, it affects the bones. Due to which the cells of blood inside it are also affected. Fever can persist for a long time, pain in joints and bones, bleeding from the mouth, increase in size of spleen and lymph glands, difficulty in breathing can be due to blood cancer.

Lung Cancer

Bleeding with cough, persistent mild cough, change in voice, difficulty in breathing are due to lung cancer.

Cervical Cancer

Its initial stage is loss of appetite, pain, weight loss, anemia.

Stomach Cancer

Lack of blood, sometimes vomiting of blood, abdominal pain, loss of appetite can be symptoms of this cancer.

Brain Cancer

Brain cancer involves a knot in the brain or in the spinal card. This causes vomiting, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, forgetfulness.

What Are The Symptoms Of Cancer-

Symptoms Of Cancer

Symptoms Of Cancer depends on different types of cancer. But we are telling you further about some common symptoms.
  • Lack of blood which causes anemia, high fever and fever for long time, fatigue and weakness.
  • Bleeding with cough, prolonged phlegm, mucus with phlegm.
  • Lumps in the breast, excess secretion during menstruation.
  • Difficulty in eating and swallowing, knotting and swelling in any part of the body, any kind of knot in the throat.

How Does Cancer Spread-

The cancer spreads slowly to each of the body's organs. It affects all parts of the body after being in one organ.
  • Cancer spreads in the body in three ways. In a direct extension or event, the primary tumor spreads to the surrounding organs and into the tissue.
  • Cancer cells in the lymphatic system break down from the primary tumor and break down into other organs of the body. The lymphatic system is a group of tissues and organs that make and store cells to fight infection and disease.
  • Cancer also spreads by blood. Which is called hematologists spread. In this, cancer cells break down from the primary tumor and break down into the bloodstream. It spreads to other parts of the body along with blood.

What Causes Cancer?

This can also be caused by incorrect routines. Let us know what is ways to avoid cancer as per doctor's advice.


Excess alcohol can also cause cancer. Increasing the amount of alcohol in the drink greatly increases the risk of cancer. High amount of alcohol is not good for the body. Therefore, any type of intoxication should not be consumed.


Human papilloma virus can cause cervical cancer. To avoid this, special care should be taken for physical relations and cleanliness. Helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach ulcers, can also cause stomach cancer.


Women need to get this test done. It is a simple, inexpensive and confirmed test for the identification and possibility of cervical cancer. In this test, the spatula is inserted into the uterus. From which cells are extracted as samples, then they are tested. All women should undergo this test every two years after three years of marriage.


Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains, eat more of fibrous food. The vitamins that are present in vegetarianism increase the body's resistance. Due to which cancer does not cause disease. Eat less cooked things on high heat.


Sugar intake should be minimized. A research has shown that the possibility of colorectal cancer in women increases with the intake of sugar.


Before using edible oil, see how beneficial the oil you are using is and its effect on health. You can use olive oil or coconut oil, mustard, groundnut oil in cooking.

Cancer Treatment-

Doctors treat the symptoms of the patient by looking at the symptoms of the cancer. So let's know what is Cancer Treatment-


Chemotherapy kills cancer cells by drugs and medicines. Some types of chemotherapy are treated with IV (by intravenous needles), and in some chemotherapy. These medicines show their effect in the whole body and cure the cancer occurring in the whole body.


In surgery, the affected area is separated from the body. For example, if the breast is cancer, the breast is removed from the body. The prostate gland is removed when there is prostate cancer, but in every type of cancer, surgery is not required; blood cancer can be corrected only with medicines.


In this, the sales of cancer are stopped and killed. Sometimes it is treated only during radiation or surgery and chemotherapy. The entire body is put into the x-ray machine in radiations. By which cancer cells are eliminated.oms then start treating it on time.symptoms then start treating it on time.


In today's post, you came to know Ways to avoid cancer , as well as Causes of Cancer. We hope that the information given by us will be useful for you.You should also give information about this post to your friends and also share this post on Facebook and other social sites. So that this information can reach more and more people. If you have any problem or you have any question in our post Symptoms of Cancer , then you must ask your questions in the comment.
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