What is Jaundice And How Does It Happen?

What is Jaundice And How Does It Happen?

Let us know what is jaundice and how it happens. Jaundice is a type of disease in which the patient's eyes and skin become yellow and the body becomes very weak. Jaundice can occur at any age and if it is not taken care of in time, it can be quite serious.
What is Jaundice

Let us give you some information related to jaundice today so that you will know what is jaundice, how is it and how is it possible to treat it.

What is Jaundice?

Jaundice occurs due to increased amount of bilirubin in our blood. Actually bilirubin is a yellow colored substance and is contained in it. Bilirubin is produced when the cycle of red blood cells of our blood is completed for 120 days.

Whereas billi is a digestive fluid which is formed in the liver and remains in the gall bladder. Billi helps in the absorption of food from our body and the excretion of feces.

Now for some reason, if the right mixture of bilirubin and bilina is not formed or if the red blood cells begin to break down before the cycle of time, then the level of bilirubin in our blood starts increasing very fast. In such a situation, it starts producing yellowness in other parts of the body as well, due to which our skin starts appearing yellow.

Let us Now Know What are the Symptoms of Jaundice-

  • Yellowing occurs in the skin, nails and eyes of the patient suffering from jaundice.
  • The patient feels jaundice when there is jaundice.
  • Jaundice patient gets fever.
  • Jaundice patient feels like nausea and hunger is reduced.
  • There are also complaints of abdominal pain.
  • Jaundice causes the patient to lose weight.
  • Like body parts, urination also leads to yellowing.
  • Tiredness is always felt in the body.

Jaundice Check-

Although the doctor recognizes the jaundice by looking at the yellowing of the patient's organs, but still a blood test is done to confirm the disease, in which the bilirubin test, full blood count or complete blood count ( CBC), hepatitis A, B and C tests.

Apart from this, if the doctor finds signs of any other problem with this, then he also recommends magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or abdominal ultrasound or CAT scan or liver biopsy to confirm that the patient is somewhere There is no problem like liver cirrhosis or cancer.

Causes of jaundice - 

The main cause of jaundice is weak liver. People who have weak liver are more likely to have jaundice. This is the reason that most newborns complain of jaundice because their liver is very weak at that time.

Apart from this, drinking dirty water, eating false food of a sick person, eating such things which have a bad effect on the liver, drinking more tea and coffee, etc. also increases the risk of jaundice.

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Home Tips to Get Rid of Jaundice-

  • The juice of castor leaves is very effective in removing jaundice. After jaundice, grind the castor leaves and extract its juice and
  • Drink 3-4 spoons regularly on an empty stomach in the morning, jaundice will feel quite relaxing.
  • Yoga is the treatment of every merge, if you have jaundice, then do Kapalbhati yoga for 15-30 minutes daily.
  • Energy will be generated in the body and there will be relief in jaundice.
  • Drink half a gram powder of the root of the plant of the figure (figure), empty stomach daily in the morning, this will cure jaundice soon.
  • Jaundice patient is advised to drink sugarcane juice as liver sugar gets strengthened by consuming sugarcane juice.
  • Coconut water is also very beneficial in jaundice, in case of jaundice, drink at least 3-4 coconut water a day.
  • After jaundice, drink as much water as possible.
  • In case of jaundice, take 3-4 garlic cloves with milk, this will help in jaundice soon.
  • In the case of jaundice, the patient should consume gourd whether in juice form or as vegetable.

Seeing the ability of the body, consult your doctor for the right examination and treatment of jaundice.

Hopefully, what is jaundice and how is it that you will like this information and will also prove beneficial for you.
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