What Is Thermosteel? Difference Between Stainless Steel And Thermosteel

What Is Thermosteel?

What Is Thermosteel?

The term “Thermosteel” is used by ‘Milton' for steel thermoflask.
They are extremely insulated flasks and typically keep liquid hot/cold for 10–12hrs.
(Milton claims 24 hrs).

To understand it's operating, initial allow us to cue modes of warmth transfer,

Conduction: Due to collision of molecules and movement of electrons within the body. Heat transfer in solids is due to conduction.

Convection: When a fluid pass by a heated body and carry away some heat along with it. Heat transfer in fluids is due to convection.

Radiation: Due to emission of electromagnetic waves, these waves carry some energy/heat from the emitting object along with them.
Radiations passed through vacuum or any transparent medium (solid/liquid)

To create good insulation we have to minimize Heat Transfer Rate.

Thermosteel flasks area unit created with 2 layers of steel, amazingly nothing between them.. not even air.

As there is vacuum between layers, Heat Transfer through conduction and convection becomes Zero. (As conduction and convection need a medium for Heat transfer)

To minimize Heat transfer through radiation, inner and outer layer of the flask area unit created reflective.
It prevents passing of EM waves through boundary(layers of flask).

As reflective of the layers is not 100%, so some part of the radiation passes through the layers and causes temperature exchange, but at a very slow rate.

Heat also gets transfer from the lid as there is no vacuum layer in lid, and frequently opening of flask.

What's The Difference Between Stainless Steel And Thermosteel?

The difference is Thermosteel will help you to keep your water,tea, cofee warm for up-to 5 hours and if you fill this flask with cold water it will remain cold for 5 hours. However in steel flask hot water will become normal cold water after sometime and cold water will not remain cold or longer duration. Hope this helps.


Milton Thermosteel Bottle 1000ML is designed with vacuum system that ensures that the liquid within remains at temperatures it was at, when poured in. It ideal to carry with you when you are off to a picnic or an impromptu get together because not only does it possess a strong capacity of about 1000 millilitres, it also has a cup like cover designed for optimum use and functioning. The bottle is easy to clean up and carry and looks very stylish too. The bottle also keeps the contents fresh and safe to consume for about 8 hours. The material is durable and of superior quality.
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