These 5 ways to keep your body healthy at any age

These 5 ways to keep your body healthy at any age

You will often hear many things from people's mouths about a good and healthy life and keeping your body healthy. Our elders often used to say, do this, do it, which will keep the health good, but never mind whether our grandmother's tips are really effective in keeping us healthy. If you really believe that these prescriptions are not made for you, then we are going to tell you 5 ways to tell how you can keep yourself fit and healthy in this polluted environment and busy lifestyle.

Focus on your food plate

In the dietary guidelines, it is advisable to have half your vegetables or fruits in your plate. But it is important to mix everything in your plate. All fruits and vegetables are beneficial for health, but not all have the same nutrients. By eating different fruits and vegetables throughout the day, you can get more benefits from them and keep your health intact.
keep your body healthy at any age

Less sugar, drink more water

It is a good idea to avoid added sugar added to your foodstuffs such as soda, sport drinks and energy drinks, just so you should be aware of its pitfalls. Some studies have found that drinking soft drinks twice a day increases your risk of type 2 diabetes by 26%. Sugar drink is also associated with heart attack and obesity. Instead of these drinks you stay hydrated with water.

Move more, sit less

keep your body healthy at any age
It means physical activities. A normal exercise at least 150 minutes a week is considered good. Experts say that any activity is better than doing nothing. So instead of standing for long time, you move, park your car a little distance to walk some distance and explore new places so that your body keeps moving.

Get enough rest

Sleep comes last in our run-of-the-mill life but it is very important for good health. Not sleeping properly increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity and many other diseases. Sleeping properly also helps to keep you safe like sleep while driving is as bad as driving drunk. If you don't usually feel refreshed, try going to bed 15 minutes earlier every week.

Tame your stress

There is tension in everyone's life, there are no two opinions about it, but how you look at it matters. When you are often angry, your stomach hurts because you are nervous or you have trouble sleeping because you are worried. If you are upset with this thing then the time for change has come. 
keep your body healthy at any age

Find a way to reduce stress, whether it is exercise, meditation or laughter with good friends. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can talk to a counselor or other mental health professional.
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